Scrappy Technologies

Scrappy Technologies is a mobile app development company that has built its base on the Guarded Mobile Safety app. We started out on a college campus, to bring quality development for quality companies



QuickTutor is an app that we developed the Storyboard for. Not much can be said about the app until it is released, but you can find more about it here:

Guarded Mobile Safety

Our most challenging app yet. Created by us to increase safety on college campuses, this app has it all. Automatic emergency texting to 5 contacts, alerting them to your exact position and contact information. Integration with campus security to monitor data to see where the most problems occur around campus. Real time notifications for emergency campus personnel. You can even shake the phone to have a fake phone call come in, ring tone and all. You can even answer the "call"!

Chip Fit

Chip Fit was created by request of the Central Michigan University campus fitness centers. The app was created to coincide with their fitness programs on campus. Track workouts. Gain points. Get rewarded.  

Rapid Lines

We created Rapid Lines back when we were first starting out. A simple, challenging game that never ends! See what score you can get!

Simply Macros

Simply macros was created to solve the problem of over complicated fitness apps. Simply Macros tracks proteins, fats, and carbs. That's it. We removed the complicated diaries, tips, videos, and all the garbage filling up fitness apps so you can do what you want without the distractions.

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